The Wild


"I didn't sleep in a bed until I was eight years old and hardly ate a thing."
John J. Cook


J.: "If you were to ask me 'Would you live your life over again?', I might reply: 'No, I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.' "


If you asked me to diagnose myself, I say I suffer from a learning difficulty, because I still can't understand the bastards who keep locking me up for paying them 1 for every 2 cigarettes.

Idol Alien Reviews
May 2008

"The band certainly have a lot of potential says SPOG of the review, Jim is one great guitar player! and he writes too. Alien review heard that he'd texted the whole band the other night saying come on let's get into the studio but when Jim was interviewed he said that to have me sing for the band would be a true delight of sheri-tree nectar sent surely from the Godesses themselves."


[item removed due to threats received]


'The chez-longue'
Mental health patient forum comment:

"  Typical! The report has been withheld so keeping all of us lambs in the dark.

This illustrates what we are up against with those in the upper echelons of decision making.

Frankly it's suppression mixed with hypocrisy at it's worst, we need this report available.

It is important that we have a voice.  ".

We're all 'over The Moon' that Jim remains well now still again despite maggie's sick law act from 1983/4, enabling their compulsary slow chemical doping, stress, side-effects, denial of freedom and no respect, often resulting in suicide or death. We all pay for this situation which has sadly continued for over a quarter of a century for John.

We wish those in John's position happiness and success away from these oxymoronic lunatics. "


Remove the log from your own eye before attempting to take the non-existing speck from others'


...Please turn to Hymn number 3.14159 in the songbook,

and do try not to let your Tardive Dyskenesia show in the back row there Schizoface...


A local government official has been heard to have said that if the report got out we'd all be finished and the shit would really hit the fan for those on the inside.


A spokesman from the miniature radio association gave us his comment:
"We know that these devices have been around since way before the 1980's and the explosion in mobile telephony has provided the perfect network for a system exploiting these devices to operate."


Men In Black
"Don't think Jim is the only one with one of these bugs,

they are everywhere!

They can do a lot more than you might imagine."



The advent of the report about Jim signals the dawn of enlightenment as regards manipulation and mind control by some in positions of power over people and animals in the early part of the 21st Century.

It is the opening act.

T H E   P U B   L A D
I think the write up about Jim is the funniest thing I've ever read in my life... Jim mate...
See you down the pub later for a pint and a game of pool... in your mini skirt lol
Look mate, we've set up all the amps and guitars and drums come and 'ave a jam you pratt!

The Boozers guide
Tommy of the guide had a drink with Jim to chat things over.
He took him to a nearby horsefield up the road
with a bottle of Club Blend
and they drank shots.

" I don't wish to decide which is the worst environment for a new born between the coal hole and the chiller compartment, however what I do know from experience, is that neither are at all suitable and noone should put a living baby into such places; this is certainly true for mums and dads too. "


Gorgeous mums inc.

Jim planted a Rose in his little corner of the garden
(called "Sweet Memories", it had a heavenly scent and yellow petals),
along with some Honeysuckle, Primroses, wild Forget-Me-Nots and Snowdrops,

also Narcissus (but someone dug them up and the pavers dumped a load of aggregate on top of Sheris' flower beds in Jim's mum's management company's garden river bank corner. Jim raked it off to save the flowers where [s]he's allowed to live after they let him come home from the Whiteleaf mental facility in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire in England, UK. Earth. SOL3. MILKYWAY Dern).





*Editorial: 'Jim' was surprise sectioned again this year ( The first time was over twenty-five years ago and he wasn't ill then either!), I was held in a mental ward again against my will for 8 weeks and am currently (Nov 2018) being held under section x of the act and am mentally and physically well. I am being forced to take unnecessary medication and every day health workers visit me to witness me swallowing the tablets or I will be forced into a locked ward again and forced to have depot injections again.

This decision was made by Fiona M. Pharoah in High Wycombe on behalf of the Oxford NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust (tax-payer funded). The Care co-ordinator assigned to me is called Neville Mafunu (a six foot black guy built like a brick shithouse), he's really Pharoah's bruiser. My father called 'services' again to report me to perpetuate the alibi by discrediting me as a witness to the abuse I suffered from the family for 52 years .

The renter neighbours (Oliver Dickson-flat 3) and landlords (Mark Green and Peter Wilkes) of the other flats in my block  are problematic too- giving me hell, and are probably recieving back-handers from Brian Cook (father, washing his Bentleys with Champagne ).

I sent mum flowers a week ago but she hasn't called since June.



' A View From A Hill '

This is the artwork I did in my cell after 50 days in the mental hospital in Aylesbury

( Up the hill from: my home in the Lowland- and always shall be-

we're fools to make war on our brothers in Aylesbury lol)

Whilst on the ward I was able to produce my own special type of brownish coloured pigmentation in order to create the work-

resources were limited and security was very strict.

I removed the art I had produced after a day or so as the applique had developed an unusual aroma but not before managing luckily to get this shot from a smuggled in camera-phone.

' A View From A Hill '

" Just wait until your turn comes round again- "

Just pray to God that it isn't you next.

(If you can't, then enjoy my web site. It is twenty years old and all my own work,except for a few images sourced from my Internet.)

14 Oct 2018 : J / JJ / Jim / John / James / John James Cook / Sheri / Sheritra -are all names which refer to the same person- Me.

I built a Multimedia Studio Gallery this last month, on a budget of less than 5K... (Obviously the work of a mad person)















( Do me a favour, I can't work to earn money because of the Section,

I recieve no benefit money,

 Buy a copy of the book Musing Unsaid please and take the free downloads I created. )




I was designed in a laboratory in California in 1964 having been ordered and purchased to be an object to be tortured and exploited in as many ways as the purchaser(s) could. The torture of me began during gestation and has lasted for 52 years to date. This is the work of the devil however I am not.

The Yellow Triangular image is of an actual spacecraft witnessed in 2008, and there was another one seen from the same place in 2015 which looked different, the shape of a Galaxy chocolate Minstrel- slightly chunkier, Black and White,  and about 100ft in diameter; observed from 100 yards away in sunny daylight . 

Good Luck ("little frog").




(Perculiar that with all these triangles and pyramids the shrink's name is Dr Pharoah as in the Egyptians;

By The Way- who did build all those Pyramids and how? lol)


Here's the advice:


  • Don't hurt anyone.


  • Don't interfere where you're not wanted.


  • Try to enjoy what you can.