John James Cook



A talented artist and musician with technical knowledge


Born: 10 Nov 1966


I gained my O levels from Grammar school and attended colleges studying Mathematics and Computing. I passed my driving test aged 17 and drove around Europe. I took a course in Audio Engineering and was awarded a Diploma from the School of Audio Engineering. I have a certificate in C/C++ programming from The Association of Computer Professionals, and have passed five degree level courses from the Open University in IT. I travelled to Europe, America, Australia and Thailand. I worked for a year at a fabrications company and studied Navigation and Marine Technology at Plymouth Polytechnic. I learned to sail and have canoeing and skiing experience (Silver). I worked as a wireman at a telecommunications company. Other work includes working for a promotions company, working in a music shop, bar work and Web site design.

 Amongst other web sites, I developed a personal web site featuring my computer applications, music, literature and artworks . I published a poetry book in 2008 titled ‘Musing Unsaid’. I have recorded over fifty music tracks and have a profile on  and I have released music to Spotify etc.

My primary instrument is The Guitar and I have been practicing for forty years.


Telephone : 01494 451***

Mobile : 07494 755***

Email :