Friggin in the riggin
Twas on the good ship Venus
By Christ you shoulda seen us
The figurehead was a whore in bed
suckin a red hot penis
The captain of this lugger
He was a dirty buggar
He wasn't fit to shovel shit
From one place to another
The first mates name was Gordon
He was a fuckin moron
ten times a day he'd sit and play
with his sticky organ
The second mates name was Cooper
By Christ he was a trooper
He jerked and jerked until he worked
himself into a stuper
The third mates name was Andy
dear fuck he weren't half randy
they crushed his cock on a jagged rock
for cumming in the Brandy
The cabin boy was Nipper
He felt like Jack the ripper
He filled his arse with broken glass
and circumsized the skipper
The Captain's wife was Mable
to fuck, she was not able
because of this they nailed her tits
across the barroom table
The captain had a daughter
she fell in deep sea water
and by her squeels we knew the eels
had found her sexual quarters
We are aware that frigging activities were being performed within the rigging of the good ship Venus however this begs the question...Why??
If you have any information that may lead to us finding out the reason this was taking place, please email