In answer to a child's prayer.

The world is turning upside down
and I am spinning around and round
Oh, no - I live another day.

The world I learned was upside down
and muddled were the hands of time;
Oh No, into another day;
I'll live to break the ice.

And though it is impossible now,
I'll give what I feel away,
Into another year -
Into another tear I cry,
and try not to re-arrange
the little things that seemed important somehow
now always the same to me -
and yet they're meant to be.

So as I face one more impossible year,
the rest will now fade away.
There, there;
Yet only for a day,
And only in an odd discarded way
I guess I too for them will stay.

The tide and the ceiling
So far from me now,
In all of my feelings
You've hurt me somehow.
No, Go.
I'll have to break away;
The fear on my cheek now dried -
I'll hide, hide, hide...

My tearful river may now never run dry
As a wave's retreat my dreams withdraw.
It seems so pointless now to ever ask why,
or even your name so to call,
Torn and broken on the stair-
that's where my rest will fall,
I'm finished with it all.

With mixed emotion now he crosses the tracks
"Was all of this meant for me?
I'm trying to understand why this you made me to feel, and why I'm so tired again."
Although you're tired you'll gain the strength to re-learn, the way I meant for you to feel.
It's almost certain that in time you will know the reason I caused you to be.

Tired of her teacher
he lays himself down
Sore from her feelings
and hurt from the ground.
Small arms fold, her slumber shades his day.

As sleep settles down in his stair nest for one; such urgent questions arise,
Kind Sir please tell me- how do you feel this way, too always bad, just like me?
What then allows your self to get through the day, and why me that method denied?
How do you sleep at night and how do you think, that I am supposed to, say, tell?

A song can't show the love I hold for you now,  my little tearaway.
Words cannot muster up the ache that I feel, only sometimes the feeling will stay.
Deeds never wonder how my destiny's real and for now, slowly I turn and fade away;  
  as you nestle into the rounds of your tiny soul,
and words do not express the sorry heart that I have,
seeing how you save the day.