As I tread the troubled road
that taketh me nowhere
every step will lead me
to a heaven I'll find there.

If I'm sad and can't go on
and I'm too tired to be
I will know that at the end
my sweet Lord I will see.

When my darkest hour has come
and in my times of need
my Lord's bright light will shine on me
and then to heaven lead.

When I lift mine eyes to see
the glory lost from me
I will find my Lord's sweet smile
and I'll in heaven be.

Why carry on? What is there to look forward to?

The quenching cup of tea
The gift of vision
The warm embrace
The amusing comment
The comfort of the bed covers

 and when these things are not possible, the endeavour of survival.

Loneliness and longing belong in the house of absent love, a sad place to be,
yet there is a spring within where I may refil my soul and this source brings a peaceful calm. The love it gives is true and always accepted, never unrequited, never rejected.
Though the world may refuse my love, I never need to. While one person still values me I have reason to continue living.

As the sunshine warms my face, my enemy feels too it's soothing glow.
The Northern wind bites my skin, that pain he too will know.
As the sun and as the wind, should us two meet and dare to blow
or shine and warm each other's flow and kind not angry feelings show?

Is this a time for peace my friend, is ever there a time for war?
Is it a time when we should start obeying nature's law?
Survival for survival's sake would soon become a chore,
and we may lose all insight as to what the world is for.