The Changeling

On moonlit night a changeling looked at star from humble quarters
while Ursa and the smaller bear made talk of seven daughters,
Alone still as perhaps should stay- the question of the hour,
Orion looking downward at the changeling in her tower.

Come out, come out, and do not cry, the night is truly playfull,
Myself too have known troubled times in truth I lived a life full.
If you like tears remain inside my friends will only sigh,
and stars like us won't shine as bright to light the darkened sky.

The moon as lovely on this night gives shining in her fullest.
It is of our belief that she too really has to cry,
that her like us and other folk feel solace in their waiting,
and loneliness, and joy and fear, and also can be shy.

But being blue and fearing cold the night seemed less appealing
to one who's turning head on pillow shirked a saddened feeling.
Invitations from the stars to come and be their lovers
turned down in favour of warm sheets and kindly cuddled covers.