When I am dead I shall not consider death.
I can see evidence of death but I can not feel it.
Living denies me the experience of death's condition.
Death opposes all that I am in life.
In life I carry the burden of death.
No other can die in my place nor do my dying for me.

In infancy I suffered from Pneumonia.

When I was a small boy a man took me onto the sea in a Pedalo,
we had paddled out to the edge of the bay and the Pedalo was filling up with water.
We were being washed towards the huge rocks of the breakwater and the craft was sinking.
The man left me holding on to the boat and swam for shore.
I clung on to the hull as I watched the rocks getting closer.
Two men had been watching from a hotel balcony, they went to the beach, got another Pedalo, and came out to rescue me, just in time(Thanks if you happen to be reading this).

Before I was ten years old I was sent on a cold rainy adventure holiday.
I slept outside in a muddy sleeping bag and I didn't eat the whole time.

In my teens I crashed a car at 70mph and it turned over several times.

In my twenties I was heartbroken that the woman I loved didn't want to know me, I travelled to Thailand and sat under a palm tree to die.
I woke up in a hospital bed on a drip and a doctor came to tell me that I had been revived.

In my thirties I was held in hospital under the mental health act during the winter.
The heating was not working on the ward and I was so cold, tired, ill and unloved I wanted to die.

In my forties I was held in custody for over 24 hours. In a 4x6 cell I wished I were not alive any longer. The charges were eventually dropped.

Dead you will be ... (when I finally get my hands on you lol)

Making my morning tea today I glanced out of my window and noticed what appears to be a body bag with something bulking it out in the river outside- anyone missing a corpse?(!) [08-APR-2009]

I bravely stepped into the river to investigate, I pulled on the sheet (half expecting a rotten head to fall out) and it was just a big tarpaulin that had washed downstream with  the rain last night- just the right size for the canoe that I bought last week!! ("I can canoe a new canoe, can you canoe a new canoe too?")

You will be...