The dreamer... the unwoken fool.
In dreams no frown shall rib the brow,
the love of ages fills the head,
in days that linger there like burnt out shells,
the minutes passing through the hours.
In the frail emptiness of unused time
she rises up above her earthly burden
never needing to feel that which keeps us alive,
high on a hill, in Eldorado.

Here it comes another lonely day, playing the game.
I'll sail away on a voyage of no return to see
if eternal life is meant for me
and I may find the key to an eternal dream.
"folie a deux", In Eleatic slumber leave me here.

In misery I set a mise-en-scene,
With tender hope, a slackened mizen.
Day's near the end, in the gloominess of evening's haze.
In the shadow of their evil plays,
I to another place, where there are better ways.

Sitting here on top of everywhere,
what do I care? Days never end.
As the light on the horizon fades,
so the beaten and the broken days,
and through it all I see, there's nothing left for me.

Not the trees along the ridge, the dell,
nor the flowers along the valley trail.
If they are not for me, for someone else maybe.

Say goodbye the city's heroes sing,
bird on the wing, take to the wind,
to the North there lie the chills of cold,
to the South there lie the tales untold
but in between there lies, a place to close your eyes.

I will stay,
I'll not be back- El Dorado-
I will be free, free, free of the world! Eldorado...

The painted ladies of the Avalon, play in the sun,
feeling so free of the lonely years and monthly ills,
-of the light upon the tree-topped hills,
and I might live to play a never ending scene
where I was meant to be,
while the Western way knows weather mild
and the Eastern glow shows nature's child
that there I'll find the key to the eternal dream.