The Daily STAR

"The Sheri Tree grew and we gorged ourselves on it's fruits,
Thank you ! Thank you ! Sheri !"
- Inter-Galactic magazine.
"Seed becomes Tree becomes Star - Welcome Sheritra."
- Shine.
"Every now and then a gem appears in our sky,
those lucky enough to gaze upon it remember Sheri with love."
- Idol Alien review.
"This tree has grown in our hearts and spread love and healing over our world,
Sheri, your generosity has made you our saviour."
- Planet X.
"Any time sheri (?)"
- Flying Ace.
(Now Intergalactic Pilot Ezine).
"Hi sheri...  all the girls are here, and some of the guys...
We'll have some special fun together when you finally get off,
there's a surprise too!   love you xx"
- Beauty and Brains Bulletin Board.
"Save your strength Shezza, just wait 'till we get you home! lol"
- Amazonian Warrior Gorgeous Virginish Orgy Princesses Syndicate News.
"We couldn't believe it She. See you at Silverstone."
- UFO News
"Need any help with your scripting She' ? LMAO"
- The Nerd.