Sheri at 4 O'Clock [or any other time really...]

A scene on Green [This is the hidden side of Green island in the Whitsundays Oz]   Conjoined-Sheris[mmm]

The Sheri frame [let me outa here!!!]

Magic Sheri [stormy mood on Hamilton island]


[who's that?!] Hamilton Island

The Anchor [I took this one on Australia's Gold coast]

Castlerigg stone circle [Took this shot with two ufos/birds in it that have since disappeared from the print!!!]

Major [He was placid and dignified]

Jim sailing a yacht [cheer up mate- you're alive ain't ya?]

Joe Cool [Had some fun with this Sunseeker]



                                                                                                 First Bike [Meet yer down the dell after school]

Lizard Point ["to the South there lie the tales untold..."]

"The meeting place" - soundtrack!: XTC Skylarking- hear it!



                    "               "