Supper's ready.

Sitting by the sitting room
I turn the television on
Walking beside me,
A tear held in my hand.

Four saintly feathered friends
Flew in the night time,
Only the lonely,
A feather there by my side.

And they sing: Hey babe, your supper's waiting for you,
Hay t' my baby- don't you know my love, it's true.

Sitting now in kitchen shade,
Satisfaction minimal,
Hunger denied me,
My pleasure frozen in time.

Four darkened figures stood
Here in my foreground,
Coming before me,
A sythe held by the band.

Mystic rhythm, I couldn't stand,
Echoed through the unsaintly hall,
And sitting beside me -
The devil, holding my hand.

Talk of forks and other things
Grew inside my painful head,
Damn it he'll find me!
We'd better beat the retreat.

I sang, Hey babe, your supper's ready for you,
Hey my baby- Don't you know my love it's true.

I've come too far from you, to fall from this land,
Ohh, I'd love to feed you again...
Love to feel you again it's been a long long time.

I know a Farmer who looks after the Farm.
I pray (Aye prey) I'm sure to- He'll take me too It's harvest.

He sang: I know a fireman who looks after the fire.

Fatter chance (would be), a finer thing.
And his mind again may improve by Spring;
Let it breathe breathe breathe.

Huh! A chance to breathe - the air has come.
Blowing smoke rings, above my head -
It's hard to breathe, 'The sky in here'.

Heaven Sent, With Intent,
As a death in a family, I can fool his pseudo sanctimony.

Find the tent - Pay the rent
With a spoonfull of merry down, there's a guaranteed shallow sanctuary. 

Make my peace - sign the lease
With a fall from a mariner, there's the ocean's tragic sad irony.

The Sea king pressures, I'm born again.
The seed kills pleasures of girls and men -
Dreams of girls and men.

Enchantment of the afterglow,
The flicker of the fire -

The man-king picked up this awful crime
So that pain and hurt be removed in time,
Be removed in mind.

Yet I'll remember them, as babies sleep inside their dens
So all around it's clear for all to see

She rides majestic, on wings of love.
"I'm tired of my baby's cry."

Stealing past and unforeseen, the chance I take for all to show.
Jeering partner beside my bed, what more to lose, I have to go.
Bind him loose, find a noose, for the criminal of the century,
I'm The guaranteed 21st Century Sentry.
"They're seeking all we know, you know."

Seeking refuge in all we know,
their little hands and feet to show,
searching slowly, feeling lowly,
finding something more contemporary
finding nothing and no place to go.

Seeking refuge in silent mood,
The light for me? -A chance to prove...
In a moment, for all I know,
A place on Earth, I have to go!

Hey Babe - with your guardian eyes so blue,
Hey my baby, your supper's waiting for you,
Where the river joins the ocean
In the estuary meandering.
As a cup it's only temporary too.