( To The Colour of Spring, April 5th )

The Return


Come Winter's tree,
Fall, virgin Spring be gone;
Life is a river with direction one-way, downhill,
The current carries seed with flow.

So the wind will know:
Our love is as this falling seed,
And the wind will blow it,
After I let go,
In the Firth to show -
My love I need you.

If lovers I the chance to take,
And I hear you praying, and I can't let go,
Abstention is the choice I'll make,
When I hear you say 'My love I need you'.

This sunken land; forever fills my tears,
As, all alone I know how delicate hearts can break.
Depressing light, Should darkness fall here now?
Decisions such, those far above me, shall now have to make.

Pray Lord, the Devil not to take.
If my heart should stray here,
Or any day I say I don't believe you.

Come linted wound - Our silence falls on none;
Like tears or rain this spirit's deeds can now not be undone.
Regretfully the soul I take;
"Anyway I'll fake it, Any way I'll pray" -
"For always may we be as one -
I'll return one day" -
I don't believe you!

This fallen son, his flesh on Earth is done,
And warming slowly gives a scent in the rising rain.
I cast a sigh; for now my work is done,
My grief relieving in the warmth of the morning Sun.


All born in fear, through tragedys I trudged;
With kindled hope kept fragile flame
in me, and I survived.

Wood, be as one,
With I - your rotten fall;
On forest flaw the fly feeds
Surely as God had it planned.

The wind will point the path ahead.
On our way we'll show it
And our chance may come.

Sink mist and rain, then light on you be shone,
To form a river, which with earth and air and fire now can be done.
Come gather sheep, there rest in gentle fold,
In time of need the dog and shepherd will help you to be bold.

The future shows the path ahead,
In a way, you'll know it,
As your fortune's told.

Wait startled bird, rest gently in my hand;
As fearfull flock refrains from fleaing their God's promised land.

On flickering breeze my wings be set,
Time and change not knowing, of my future now;
Rearrange life's flowing
Where it's path is best.

Whence final reach, my home shore be beheld
I will through sandy fingers
Pour the blessings of my love's sweet return -

It's true the Sea Gull did cry land,
And It's now I see it!
And It's soon I pray,
Through silken dress my love I'll hold
In our well known and caring way.

Will snowdrops weave, their forms on nature's gown;
So hope is born, of season next, to the morning new.
So Spring relieves, with colours overdue,
The pastel canvas left impatient with Winter's ocean view hues.

Will Crocus bloom, At first light so be seen
Her tender skin
Wet with fresh droplets of glistening dew.


I want to know the path ahead,
And I know you'll show it,

Any way you will.