The Sea Captain

   (slowly:  1, 1 and 2 and)

     A                        /               D                  /
   I looked through the Harbour to view the scene
   A             /                  D   /
      and the Sky looked at me
         E           E7          A   /
   as I was ignoring the Ocean
                 D           E                A   /
   and the ocean it was there to see,

   (1 2 and 3 and, 2 2 and 3 and, 3 2 and 3 and)
     G                  D                   A

   (1, 1 and 2 and)
   D            A     /
   Couldn't I see?

   Across the wide sea I deserted
   To the wind I did go
   There I made a pact with the Ocean
   and the Universe did make it so.
   Said to die young.

   Across the white sea I departed
   To the windward I flowed
   The Seaguls there were pleased to see me
   and I, them pleased to see, was also
   sent to die young.

   When first I'd to sea I was smiling
   but my smile hid below,
   as I looked at the wind in the main sail
   and then looked to the place I would go.
   How the waves roll.

   As I looked at my timepiece the sea was calm
   and an hour soon had flown,
   As that hour I forgot yet another did come
   and the wind then it did start to blow.
   Rise, roll, row, Why I don't know.

   The white ocean waves were my partners
   I where white horses go,
   My tears to the wind I did squander
   and It's only that did make them show.
   So sad to die young.

   When it picked up, the Wind it could take you there,
   when it slowed I could know
   that the cries that the Sea Birds were calling
   were the feelings that I couldn't show.
   Aah far, woe. So far to go.

   Across the wide sea I can take you there,
   where the Seahorses know.
   To the Land that the sea covered over
   to the places that only they go.
   Woe woe, woe, only they know.

   As I lost sight of land night was falling
   In the sail the wind moaned,
   So I thought that the Seagul was calling
   but the Wind may have called- I don't know.
   Moan moan moan, no I don't know.

   From above flashed a shiny white jagged line,
   With the boom the boat swung.
   A momentary loss of direction
   took a Tern through the wings of the wind.
   Ride the high Storm!

   Waves washed the wood deck with water
   As the Ship it ran dry,
   The Air had a cloudy red altar
   where a Sun burned as Fire in the Sky,
   Burning Gold, red orange and gold.

   To the hull ocean waves they did gently break
   On the helm my hand slowed,
   with a luff of the sheet so my Heart did,
   the horizon light no longer showed.
   Feelings unknown.

   With the tiller tied fast I'd been sleeping
   when a Mermaid did show.
   I'll tell her the tale that I'm dreaming
   so the Ocean God he will then know.
   So he will know.

   The bright morning light did awake me
   and the hull I did feel,
   So, the dry and white dust of the ocean
   on my hand, again put to the wheel.
   Onward I go!

   For my bow to the Sun that was risen,
   For my bailing out turn,
   The sky showed no sympathy for me
   And the look of the sea was as stern.
   Hold the bow low.

   The tips of the waves were enchantment,
   Like the tips of the Cormorants wings,
   Ever flying it sang of a Love's last lament
   Ever haunting, the song that it sings.
   Steady and slow.

   Took I, a deep breath of the salty air,
   To the breeze I did blow,
   and I sensed the waves as much longer
   but do I have much longer to go?
   Didn't I know?

   The Ship with no reference to guide her
   to the Sea she did fail,
   But I kept my Faith there beside her
   to the end of the mast the wind wailed,
   Woe woe woe, what had entailed.

   The Vessel it needed to birth and so
   did for shore carry on,
   The Crow it did dance as the nest sank below
   then flew back to where once it came from.
   Beat sure curve, flew straight and was gone.

   Leaving go, makes the black bird dark passage, 
   holding fast so the white bird must stay.
   Floating still with the Seahawk I still remain here 
   to the mast by the Night and by Day.
   Finding mid-way.

   Thrown to and fro by the king of winds
   The wet playground took I,
   who saw still the rock of the Ocean,
   A foundation, the Sea saw of Time.
   Maelstrom the Rook stood in line.

   When at last I at sea had departed
   Seven bells they did chime
   and I heard the Song of the Ocean
   and the ocean did surely hear mine-
   Sad to die young.

   The song that it sang it was harmony,
   So, the Light that it shone,
   and I saw the arc of an Anchor
   and I saw the time that had gone,
   Colours I feel.

   So far from to Port The Aurora,
   To The North my stare stayed,
   A silver winged Moon in the South water mirrored,
   Ascending to Starboard I swayed.
   Upward I come.

   Across the wide Ocean I gently sail
   on a Ship made of dreams.
   The Ocean is wide like the Skyline
   and the skyline is not all it seems,
   Harbours may come,
   Roll Roll roll, harbour may come.

   repeat from start

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