A bag of tools / To each is given / Princes and Kings

The same is true of Queens and Kings
And Clowns who caper in sawdust rings
And simple folk like you and me - 
We're makers of eternity.

To each is given a bag of tools, an hourglass and a book of rules,
That each will build till their hour flown
A stumbling block or stepping stone.

One step upon another and the longest walk is ended,
One stitch upon another and the longest rent is mended,
So do not be discouraged by the things you have to do and think that yet another task you never will get through.
Just endeavour, day by day, another point to gain until the mountain you once climbed has since become a plane.

The longer in it's radius, the more obtuse it's angle,
The more encompassed by its scale, unravelled or entangled, 
The more there'll be to feel with joy, and more about to cry,
The more there'll be for us to share between the floor and sky.