Two different drummers in one song

I have waited for so long knowing one familiar face.
No way out , and no one else could ever take it's place.
Then one day a stranger came, they'll be a different game.
Never needing, always me, I love us both the same.

Two different drummers in one song
To differing hearts that beat as one
Our passion burns, telling us a-part-
Two different drummers playing one song in my heart.

By the stars I'd come to you from a far and distant place,
only lights which draw me near soon vanish without trace.
A passage sung, a tune for you, I join the morning song,
Nothing granted, nothing gained, (so nothing can go wrong).

By time of night, the lovelight in your eyes set cause for me.
Gone off course but without knowing her or why to be.
Alone and sad by moonlight I recall my ventured way,
Points of reference, all I need to find a friend who'll stay.

Through clouding eyes from crispy air the moon becomes a blur,
when he has thought a little thought the same as one of hers.
Obscured my sight our little points of truth by night that shine.
So sad to know she never sees a thought the same as mine.